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Upcoming Book Fair

Going to a book fair in Atlanta over Labor Day.


It’s tough to be exposed. Spoke with a friend about things I wanted to do and a few sentences in and the voices in my head, screamed “retreat, retreat”. Exposure is unnerving especially when it exposes things we have been hurt by and are afraid of as a result. Short-sighted perspectives and unsafe relationships only make the problem worse. Regardless, I am exposed and the question is will I retreat from the exposure or do something good with it. Today, may answer is retreat.

Upcoming stories

Calling young readers–looking for a few reviews of the book for an upcoming advertisement. If interested in reviewing, please let me know.

Book Fairs

The Hourglass is invited as a featured book in two upcoming book fairs!


Sometimes there is so much to say, that there is nothing to say. Sometimes I forget that the only part I can do is to focus on making the lives of those around me better. Today, I looked for purpose for so long that I missed my purpose-today, my purpose was to love those I love. Failure at that simple, but most important task, almost cost me the day.